Monday, 31 October 2011

Tiny Tate

On the advice of @MumsnetBloggers, we headed to the Tate Britain on Saturday. Despite studying Visual Culture in London (which was largely a study of the museums and galleries around London), I've only ever been to the Tate Britain once. I don't know why I hadn't thought to explore it more before. This Saturday they had a special under-5s festival, Tiny Tate, which was lots of activities for the littlies and a chance for them to show off their new activities in their art trolleys.

Kit enjoyed exploring bits of the gallery with his cone, and enjoyed making a shapes collage. The best thing about the art trollies was that you could pick what you wanted to work with, which meant that Kit was fully engaged with the activity as he had chosen what paper and what he wanted to stick on it.

We explored letters in the Live Book, which Kit really enjoyed, I'm thinking I may use big letters on the floor as a way to help him with reading and spelling later on.

The only timed activity we made it to was the Sound It Out activity, which was great (although Kit wasn't so sure, as he kept trying to run away - I think it was really aimed at a little bit older kids). Basically, there were three people leading it and creating rhthyms with words.

We'll definitely head back to the Tate Britain and enjoy the art trolleys. I remember before I had Kit, on seeing kids in galleries doing art activities, saying I wanted to be the kind of parent that encouraged their child to interact with what they saw in that kind of way (I also said I wanted the type of child who ran around an art gallery with fairy wings on - so if you see a little boy running around with fairy wings that'll be me chasing them!)


  1. This looks great fun,wish I had known about it.

  2. Looks so awesome. I really love the big letters, such a great idea to do them at home to help with letter learning.
    The last time I took Ramona to the Tate she was 3 months old and I had v embarrassing time trying to BF on the sofas - she had just begun the "Suck and See method" - latching on then rotating her head, revealing much mammory gland to the uncomfortable looking men around me... eek.
    Love your blog!

  3. Ahh pleased you had fun - when i did my Tate Britain internship my job was to come up with ideas for the Art trolleys and Tiny Tate. I must go back with Martha when she is a bit bigger! thanks for reminding me! xx

  4. Wish I'd known about the under 5s festival. I took my son to the Tate once but they had a lot of low hanging large canvases and he just wanted to touch them all so I had to keep him in the buggy most of the time which wasn't his idea of fun. Best thing I've found for free in London is the Princess Di memorial gardens.



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