Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tell me about yourself award

I'm on a bit of a go slow on the blogging front at the moment, so I'd like to apologise to the lovely @blubirdsunshine and @BooAndMe_ who both tagged me with this award. So I have to reveal seven (more) most secret things about myself. I'm really scraping the barrel here, sorry.

1. I probably have the coldest feet in the whole wide world, yet I hate wearing socks. I was once known to wear flip-flops in the snow!
2. I have a grade 8 in theatre singing. I haven't sung anything bar 'The wheels on the bus' for quite a while though!
3. Copying Boo and Me a bit, I also have stars on me. One on my forearm, one on the sole of my foot and an Aboriginal star on my back. (I also have a few slightly random piercings in my ears - one of which is a miracle that Kit hasn't accidently ripped out yet!).

4. I'd really really love to do a PhD about fairytales (in some way) but I don't think there are enough hours in the day, maybe when I retire!!

5. I hate having my haircut! I have nothing against the cutting part, but for some reason every hairdresser seems to either want to turn me into a poodle or cut off 5 inches more than I ask creating a look that once washed makes me look like I've been electricuted!(As I'm going for my biennial haircut tomorrow, argh!).

6. I think I might be addicted to biscuits. Rather than a beer belly or a baby belly, I think I have a biscuit belly.

7. I wish I could surf. I've tried several times, here and in Australia. I've resigned myself to the fact I'll never be able to stand up! On the other hand I wasn't so bad at snowboarding when I learnt, but I've never been near enough snow to go snowboarding properly.

So now I'm supposed to pass on the award to 15 other people! I think most of you have already had it but I've tried to find some people that haven't...

@2starsandaswirl @The_EmilyB @domesticgoddesq @beachpebble @lulasticblog @smilinglikesuns

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