Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Lord Mayor's Parade

We spent Saturday in the City of London celebrating at the Lord Mayor's Parade and fireworks. It was the first time that I'd ever been to the parade and I have to say I was a little disappointed. The website suggested that it would be a lot more excting than it actually was, as a large part of it was just people sitting on not very decorated floats. Kit really enjoyed it though, mainly through pointing out every house that went past! It has to be said that he had a much better view than me, and maybe I wanted more from the parade as I was suffering a wriggly toddler sitting on my shoulders!

There were highlights in the parade though, the military vehicles and bands were exciting though, and I was excited to find out that West Sussex County Council had a steam roller!

We cheated a bit and stood on London Bridge to watch the fireworks (which are set off on a barge near Temple), obviously we were a bit further away than the masses, but there were quite a few people also watching from there. Kit was preoccupied eating a sandwich during the fireworks as he'd been asleep until shortly before and woke up starving (as usual!), but he did still enjoy them - although possibly not as much as the boats that were passing down the Thames!

So all in all, on reflection, we should have gone to a stables near a river and Kit would have had a ball! Seriously though, we did have a lovely time, and although I don't think I'd keep the date free for next year if I am at a loose end I think we'll probably go again.

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