Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mr Tumble

There is one person on children's TV that I have a particular strong dislike for. I think Something Special is a great concept for a TV programme, but I dislike the choice of presenter, I hate Gigglebiz (but hey I'm not a school-kid and I'd probably have watched it when I was at school had it been on). So imagine my joy when I heard that Justin was visiting the Glades in Bromley. Kit already had plans for lunch with his Dad (which generally involves me going too), and when I stupidly told his Dad that Mr Tumble Justin was going to be in the Glades, that was our new plan.

So Kit met Justin Mr Tumble (although to do so his Dad had to buy him a copy of his new book). I apologise for my photos, Kit wanted to look at Mr Tumble not the camera!

We had to queue for an hour for this (I'm not sure it was really worth it - he didn't even tell us a joke!).

1 comment:

  1. that guy is wildly overrated! luckily i no longer have a tv so don't have to suffer seeing his face!



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