Wednesday, 5 October 2011

V&A Lates - Power of Making

I had one of my quarterly nights out (yes seriously the last time I left the house post 7pm was when I posted about the Science Museum Lates - you see a theme appearing!?!) I met up with my lovely friend Zinta to head to the V&A Museum for their Friday night opening. The theme of their lates series at the moment is part of the 'summer camp' surrounding the exhibition 'The Power of Making'. So the event was full of opportunities to learn how to make things. Learning to make things while sipping cocktails = my idea of heaven!

We headed straight for the cocktails when we go there, and then proceeded to get drunken tattoos from one of the series of talented illustrators - thankfully there were only in pen, so you didn't have that nightmare of waking up thinking 'What have I done? Why did I get a pigeon tattooed on my arm?!'. N.B. I didn't get a decent picture of the pigeon on my arm, but I did of the giraffe that Zinta got!

We then went on to learn to finger knit, to needle felt into jumpers (taught as a way to mend holes, such a brilliant idea), and we saw how to make a pencil from recycling!

The exhibition itself is a collection of some very odd, but pretty cool, crafted objects, and some film of them being made. I was particularly fond of the dissected frog made out of lego, I think motherhood has gone to my head - apparently lego is the highlight of any day!

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