Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Leaves (pt 2)

Once we'd tired of running around in the leaves we collected some to take home with us (to join the piles of conkers and acorns!). Rather than 'leaving' (get the pun - I'm a born comedian!) piles of them around the flat like we have the conkers and acorns, I thought we could actually do something with them.

Kit's really into painting at the moment (although slightly OCD if he gets any paint on his hands!). So I thought we'd combine our autumnal fun with our painting session, and we did leaf prints.

This is Kit's step-by-step guide to leaf printing.

And all was going well until a bit of paint got on Kit's hand!

After a trip to the sink and washed hands we were back on track. I think we might make lots and lots and use it as wrapping paper for Christmas.

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  1. Ah, love this. I really should be more proactive with my girls



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