Friday, 7 October 2011

Messing about in the river

Given the unseasonably hot weather we had a the weekend I really wanted to take Kit to the beach, but it was his Dad's weekend to see him so we wouldn't be heading down South for the whole weekend. When I looked up getting to the beaches along the Kent coast I realised it was a fairly long drive, or a really expensive train journey, and I thought maybe it would be better to go for a weekend and stay overnight somewhere so we can explore a bit better. Heck, it may turn out to be a scourching December so we might get the chance! Kit's Dads friend suggested to him that maybe it would be as nice to go to a river much closer by, so we headed to Shoreham (nr Sevenoaks). It was a beautiful village with a very cold river!

We had lunch in the local pub (something I haven't done for a long time), and then we headed to Shoreham's tourist attraction The Shoreham Aircraft Museum which, although not technically very toddler friendly (everything a bit too tempting to touch and very much not a good idea to touch!) I think Kit quite enjoyed, looking at all the pictures of airplanes, and studying all the engines. There was a very cute tearoom there too, and the garden area was lovely.

It made me feel that maybe I should start exploring on the train heading away from London rather than always heading inwards. We'll definately be heading out for the Shoreham Duck Race next May.

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