Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What are you up to this Easter?

We're not religious so won't be celebrating Easter traditionally, but it's always fun to join in festivities. Spring is definitely a season worth celebrating.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Vauxhall City Farm to see the lambs and chicks. I'm going on my lunch break with some colleagues not with Kit, you don't need a toddler to visit baby animals, but I promise to post soon where Kit did.

Our plans for the Easter bank holiday weekend are quite egg-heavy. I'm that 'mean' mum that doesn't let their child eat chocolate and sweets generally, except at birthday parties. This Easter I'm giving Kit a bit of a free-rein, it's only once a year and he's a bit older now. We haven't celebrated Easter the past few years so this will be Kit's first experience of egg-hunting, we might be going a bit overboard.

Good Friday - We're having a bit of a home-grown egg-hunt, a practise run so to speak. I've organised a picnic/egg-hunt with a few friends from my local single parent group. The kind people at Cadbury's are sending us one of their great Easter Egg Trail Packs to practise with.*

Easter Saturday - The plan is to head to Duke of York Square in Chelsea for their Easter Egg Hop Hunt the bunnies and balloons sound good to me.

Easter Sunday - The big day. We are meeting up with the grandparents and embarking on the proper egg hunt. Being huge National Trust lovers we are going to try out one of the egg trails that they have running. I'm really excited about going to Red House in Bexleyheath (William Morris's house) which we can get to from the bus down the end of our road and I never realised before. I'm sure Kit will be incredibly excited (and I think his Grandad is too) at the prospect of searching for Easter Eggs while we're there. There are loads of egg trails going on at National Trust properties throughout the UK. Check www.eastereggtrails.com to find one near you. The great thing about the trails is that all the funds raised will go to the National Trust, so you are helping a charity while enjoying scrummy Cadbury's chocolate.

Easter Monday - I think we'll eat a lot of salad.

*This isn't a sponsored post, but the people at Cadbury's felt we might need a helping hand to have a chance to find an egg on Sunday, so offered us a pack to practise on before we went.

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