Thursday, 12 April 2012


We had a lovely Easter on our three egg hunts. We have another one scheduled this Saturday at a 3rd birthday party. Kit is getting a bit to keen on hunting eggs, so much so he hunted one in Boots the other day and started eating it while my back was turned paying (I did also end up paying for the egg).

All our egg hunts were very different. The one I ran was a mad scramble for eggs. It lasted about five minutes followed by lots of running, jumping and climbing trees to work off the sugar rush. It was lots of fun though. The egg hunt at Sloane Square was more taxing as we had to figure out clues to find the mini-eggs, I really struggled (thank goodness for mobile internet!).

Our last main egg hunt was the National Trust one at Red House, where we had to find all the pictures of eggs and copy them to receive a yummy Cadbury's egg at the end (which we I made Kit share four ways between me, his Nanny and Grandad, how mean am I). Kit wanted to try to draw all of the eggs himself so it was lucky that the lady who gave out the eggs wasn't too fussy, he got really excited going around as he could find all of the eggs himself. I think if we do our own egg-hunt again next year we'll do something more aligned to this, although I'm sure we'll be back at Red House hunting eggs if they hold it again too.

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