Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Three to Read

I'm a bit slow at joining up with Jennifer's Little World for Three to Read this week.

I think the idea on this blog are brilliant, and I really want a copy of his book. Made by Joel - Earth Day Kids Crafts and Toys with RepurposedMaterials I've not been linking up with the Earth Day blogs because I just haven't had time, but I am really enjoying reading all of the posts.

Seeing this post from Make Do and Friend – Loose Parts for Heuristic Play made me tidy up Kit's craft area and re-organise it so that he has access to better things for his creativity (and less access to the felt-tip pens he keeps colouring himself and the furniture in with).

Ginny has a beautiful blog Small Things - Grace I love looking at the photos of her family and the surroundings they grow up in, and I love the way they live their lives.

Pop over to Jennifer's blog to check out the other suggestions.

Jennifer's Little World - Three to Read


  1. Thanks so much for taking part! I'm also a fan of the Small Things blog!

    Looks like my blog button isn't working properly, I'll have a look at that.

    1. Oh no, I'll add a link in the writing. :)

  2. Just popping over via Jennifer's blog. Lovely to find you.



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