Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kent Life - Heritage Farm

I was really lucky on Twitter last week and won tickets to Kent Life in Maidstone. We had quite an adventure visiting there and Kit really loved it. We went with one of Kit's friends as it was Peppa Pig day, and we had a spare ticket and knew she was one of Peppa's biggest fans. They drove, but we took the more scenic route via train and boat. How awesome is it that you can catch a boat to the museum.

Even without the rockstar appeal of Peppa Pig, we would have had plenty to keep us occupied. We didn't even make it into the soft play area, and I'm pretty certain we missed a few other parts too.

My highlight was the tractor ride (I wish I had a tractor). I think Kit was most taken by (hugging) the sheep and (chasing the) chickens (to try to stroke them), I'm not sure they were so taken by him.

Looking at there events through the summer we'll definitely try to go back this year, and I'm sure in the future. We need to try the second boat option anyhow (a missisipi paddle-boat).

Thank you Kent Life for a lovely day out.

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  1. That's great that you won tickets, Kent Life is fantastic, glad you had a good time!



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