Monday, 2 April 2012

On the mend

The day came to take Kit's burn dressing off for good on Saturday. It was also the first bath he had since last weekend. He still insisted that he needed a plaster, but the scar is too big for a normal plaster to cover and he was referring to one of the stash of pictured plasters in the first aid tin. We comprimised by sticking a Hello Kitty plaster (his choice) above it. The scar isn't as bad as it looked like it might be when the dressings were changed, thankfully it has gone down a lot.

Kit is the master of the fake cry (as demonstrated in the picture - the other picture was taken about 10 seconds later), I think he is in early training for a professional acting career. Strangely enough he isn't a big crier when he actually is hurting, he bounces back up.


  1. Poor Kit, glad that he's on the mend!

  2. Glad his arm is on the mend. I need to buy some hello kitty plasters!

    1. I'll swap you the hello kitty plasters for your chairs! :)



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