Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tips to make your home more homely - Danielle Proud and Ambi Pur

Danielle Proud has been working with Ambi Pur helping people to find ways to create personal touches for your home. As you might have noticed I'm a big fan of trying to make my flat more homely for me and Kit. I thought I'd share a few of my favourites of her tips with you all.

Picture Perfect
Turn your favourite photographs into a work of art by using photo-editing software or make it into an arty feature by creating a painted look or having it printed in monochrome. If you have lots of photos, group them together on one wall in a quirky framed display. If you have old or mismatched frames, spray them all the same colour before mounting them on the wall. Combine framed photos with certificates, quirky cards or pretty pictures from magazines that you really like to add further interest to the wall and help you re-live the great times. To add an extra dimension, use butterflies or ribbon to make the frames really eye-catching.

Capture Creativity
Make sure you fill bare shelves with all your favourite things. Vases, books, pictures and retro accessories add intrigue to your home and will ensure you are filled with great memories each time you walk into it. It’s all these little personal touches that help make a house your home.

Roll out the Rug

A nicely chosen rug can add some variety, colour and ‘homeliness’ to the room quickly and cheaply. In addition, if your property has wooden floors it can add some much-needed warmth during the winter season.

Go wild on Accessories

With the money you’ve saved go wild on accessories so you can create different looks for each room. For everyday chic, splashes of colour are key, so mix and match bright and bold and play with textures. Try adding character to your doors by using crystalized door knobs, or use a variety of cushions and throws of all shapes and sizes to give each room its own personal touch and a different feel.

Shop Around

Spend a fun Sunday morning visiting car boot sales to pick up second hand and antique pieces, don't be afraid to put together old and the new, it creates an eclectic look with heaps of personality, to help bring those personal touches to your home.

Throw in some style

Add some style to your rented property by placing a delicate throw over your sofa. If you’re property comes furnished, it’s a great way to disguise furniture that isn’t necessarily to your taste and injects your own personality and style in to a room, so you can be happy and comfortable in your home throughout the seasons and tie your colour scheme together.

Ambi Pur also sent me a lovely hamper of treats for me to play with to personalise my home a bit. Including one of their products, which has made a significant difference to the previous stinky boy smell that was beginning to take over. Thank you Ambi Pur and Danielle Proud for the tips and for saving my nostrils!

P.S. On the tip about the rug, I did technically finish my big knitted rug. But I decided I want it to be bigger, so I'm making another three squares to join together into a patchwork so I'm not finished yet.


  1. wow sounds fun - how do you get these amazing gifts?! xx

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