Tuesday, 17 April 2012

National Army Museum

When Kit was beginning to toddle I'd heard about how great the kids play area was at the National Army Museum. We went a few times as it was an easy place to meet up with friends and have a coffee and then let Kit run and play. We hadn't been back since they'd re-done the soft play area until we went with one of Kit's friends after the Sloane Square egg hunt on Easter weekend. From now on I may visit regularly. Having a toddler, or I guess pre-schooler now, who takes his independence a bit too seriously (I mean basically if I let my eyes off him in an area he could escape from - which is pretty much anywhere - I might never see him again), and who is incredibly accident-prone, I dread big soft play areas. The play area here is as good as all the soft-play areas I have been too, although on a smaller scale, which meant I could let him roam free and actually sit down and rest for an hour if I wanted without fear of not being able to locate him. There was no way he could really hurt himself, he was trapped in one room. and being the expert climber he already is he could do it all himself. I was redundant for an hour, and it only cost me £2.50.

We also joined in with the 'Captain Clean' activity they had on, although this was aimed at a bit older kids, the boy we were with is older so we tagged along and Kit really enjoyed it. It was a brilliant way for the kids to interact with the museum and learn a bit about museum conservation in a fun way by running around following the clues to save the museum. And he got a certificate at the end.

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