Wednesday, 29 February 2012

CubbyKit Review

When I heard about CubbyKit I thought that it was such a great idea, I was thrilled to be offered a sample one for Kit to try out. Check out their video to be as enchanted as we were.

Kit was hugely excited by the large box that arrived, addressed to him. A CubbyKit would normally come with three themed activities, age appropriate to your child. In the box is everything that you need to do the activities.

The activities that we received were part of the 'Outer Space' theme from the 3-4 year olds box. We set about making a rocket picture.

We had lots of fun creating our picture and Kit was very proud of the outcome. With an extra bit of paper there would have been enough to create a second picture if he had wanted. The instructions came with links to other activities on the CubbyKit blog and also external space-related links, which meant there was the guidance to extend the activity into a real learning opportunity. Our second activity was a Constellation Wall Chart, which Kit was less engaged with, but I think that was more to do with his age (he isn't quite 3). This even created an educational wall chart that your child could look at and learn from. The third activity, which we didn't receive, would have been a kit to make your own playdough martians.

At £19.99 a month I personally couldn't afford to pay out to receive this treat, and it does feel a bit pricey. That said, if I had more than one child I think that the box could probably spread for more enjoyment and it would be more worth the money. If you're a busy Mum or Dad and don't have the time to plan your own activities, it is a great way to engage your kids with creativity, without having to trail the shops for craft supplies.

Disclaimer: We were sent a CubbyKit free of charge for the purpose of the review.


  1. Hello Beky,

    Thanks for your review, we love being able to hear how you got on with your box.

    Thank you for trying it out and hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Fantastic post!!!! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You've got wonderful taste and a nice sense of style - you are amazing!!! Have a great weekend!!! :-)

  3. The activities look exciting. Thanks for sharing!



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