Monday, 6 February 2012

The Great Birthday Bake-Off

I struggle a bit with getting out these days! It's generally frowned upon to turn up to a bar with a toddler in tow, and I'm very, very rarely alone! My friends had suggested that it wouldn't be right to let an apparently important turning of age go past uncelebrated so I comprimised a night out on the town for afternoon tea at my flat. I offered my friends the opportunity to take part in 'The Great Birthday Bake-Off', my cunning ploy to get to eat lots of cake under the guise of a competition!

It worked. I was graced with an abundence of beautiful and scrummy cakes.

We started with cookies and cupcakes (I made the cupcakes), most of the cookies were eaten by Kit when my back was turned! Followed by giant scones with jam and clotted cream (which we ate so quickly I didn't take a photo), the cheesecake (which Kit also kept pinching when my back was turned!) and chocolate refridgerator cake. At this point we all began to feel a bit sick. So the beautifully decorated victoria sponge didn't get eaten (until me and Kit got back from work this evening - yum!).

So basically we spent most of Sunday afternoon eating cake and watching Toy Story 3 (as demanded by the small child). I know how to through a good party!! At least the cake was good, I think I'm still on a sugar high! Tastiest ever birthday. Thanks everyone. :)

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