Monday, 20 February 2012

Listography - Top 5 things that make me happy

I thought I'd join in with Kate Take 5's listography, because I'm feeling in a happy mood. She is asking people to post up 5 things that make them happy. So here is my list...

1. Kit's smile. The worlds most infectious smile.
2. Homemade egg McMuffins (AKA poached egg in a toasted muffin!)
3. Growing and making things.
4. Craft magazines - dreaming of what I could make if I had more time!
5. The imaginary dinosaur that apparently resides in my flat. And grrawwrring at him to get him to go!

Why not pop over to Kate's blog and read the other entries, or post your own.


  1. Good luck with removing the dinosaur! I love a good craft magazine too but cannot remember the last time I made something out of one! Good luck at finding some time to get crafty.

  2. Craft magazines and the like are lovely, but they stress me out because I want to be making more! Lovely list, thanks for sharing.

  3. I dream of craft too. Love your list.

  4. Well you're easily pleased aren't you!

  5. I have lots of crafts half started in the hope I'll complete them one day!

  6. Aw don't make the dinosaur go. Maybe you can sell him on ebay if you need the space?

  7. Maybe the dinosaur would like to meet the Cheetahs, Dinos and Dino Brothers that live in our house. My magazine thing is cookery ones - in the hope that one day the whole house will eat the same thing...

  8. Love the list, intrigued by the dinosaur!



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