Saturday, 10 March 2012

We love to boogie

I've been being exceptionally lazy with my blog recently. To be honest partly I just haven't had anything that exciting to say. All my energy has been focused on coursework, housework, work, and wrestling Kit who is going through a bit of a 'terrible two' stage whereby he generally spends his days doing the opposite of what I ask, throwing things away (or at people) and lying down on the pavement or running away! I just don't have the energy to write when I do have the chance and because I haven't got enough to say I just haven't had the motivation. That said I had meant to write about Fairtrade fortnight and International Women's Day, but hey there is always next year.

Right now I'm just focusing on small pleasures, and blogging when I can.

And my favourite pleasure at the moment is the dance shows that Kit keeps putting on for me, whereby he demands that I sit and watch him dance around on his bed, and then he demands applause afterwards. I think I might have a Billy Elliot on my hands!


  1. It's these lovely moments amongst the chaos of general life that need to be remembered. You have a little star on your hands there!
    By the way, Kit has a lovely room, I love his curtains! x x x

  2. Small pleasures are definitely the way to go! It's lovely to have moments like that in the general terrible two frustration. PS, I love his room too, that bunting is lovely!

  3. Thank you both. His curtains are from Ikea. He might need a bigger bed soon for his attempted break-dancing though! :)

  4. Also love the bunting and the curtains, in fact I just love Kit's room!



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