Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I got a Snog!*

This is the only snog that I got his valentines! It was pretty tasty!

Technically it wasn't a Valentines snog though, as I had it last night!

I did have an impromtu date though, with Kit. I told Kit it was valentines day today and asked him who he loved, he replied 'I love mummy'. That was good enough for me to offer him a treat! Kit likes a good trip to a cafe, so we decided to go out for brunch. The food was good (eggy bread for him, a chip butty for me - classy!), but he wasn't impressed that he wasn't allowed to take one of the heart-shaped balloons!

We spent the next half hour in the real love of Kit's life, the Disney Store. I'm a bit in awe of it myself, I'm amazed by just how much is going on in the store, it makes my head spin. I'm not entirely comfortable with the fact that I have essentially sat Kit down to watch a series of adverts, but I do like the fact that Kit actually will sit down for a prolonged period of time, and if you've met him you'll know that is pretty much a miracle!

The highlight of my day was this conversation though

Kit: You're a princess Mummy
Me: Thanks
Kit: No I'm a princess. I'm going to turn you into a frog. You a frog, mummy. Say 'ribbit'.
Me: 'Ribbit'?!?
Kit: Good. Now you a horse

I'm not sure what fairytales he has been reading!

*This isn't a sponsored post, I love Snogs. So much so I bought the cookbook to learn how to make my own, but I don't actually have a freezer!

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