Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday

I had said that I would try to do this every week, I failed at the first hurdle! I'm back this week. This week Kit is mastering cheesy poses!

T-shirt - Green Tee Gruffalo Child (bought in the John Lewis sale!)
Trousers - Gap
Shoes - Toms
Cheesy grin - model's own

Check out Very Busy Mama's Blog to see everyone else too.



  1. Oh he's got the poses nailed! Such a handsome little man! Love the outfit too!

  2. Love the Gruffalo t-shirt, but the smile is definitely the best part of his outfit!! ;) Over here from Trendy Tuesday xx

  3. The cheesy grin is just perfect :) Oh and i love the outfit too :) xx

  4. We love the Gruffalo and definitely need that t-shirt. I'm loving the gangsta lean/pose too. Nice to see you on the Trendy Toddler circuit, hope you're well :-)

  5. I'm seeing lots of Toms for kids - I am making a note to check them out. Graphic tees are always great and a classic like Gruffalo is one not to be missed. Thanks for joining in - and you don't have to every week, no worries! Jump in when you can :0

  6. I've been looking at buying some Toms this week for my boys they look really comfy, love his pose while rocking his cool outfit. Gruffallo rocks!



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