Thursday, 29 March 2012

Woe is us!!

It's been a bit manic for the past week. They say it doesn't rain, it pours. Well when everyone else was being warmed by the sun on Sunday, Kit was being burnt by my parents gas barbeque. It isn't a bad burn (the barbeque had only just been switched on), and in fact Kit was so un-fussed by the whole thing he pointed and said his hand was hurt so that was what we plunged into water (it was actually his arm) and he was off playing on his trike a few minutes later. We were all planning on leaving for the beach when I noticed that he had what looked like a gash across his arm and realised that he had burnt it and the skin had broken. It's taken a few trips to the minor injuries clinic, and a now beloved teddy from a nurse, but he is on the mend.

All the drama (and his uncanny ability to remove dressings) has meant that he missed a settling in afternoon at pre-school, and that his other settling in afternoon he refused to be parted from the teddy - that teddy is with him everywhere now, if he has his face washed I have to wash teddies etc! Thankfully he had a good afternoon there today, no tears, so after Easter hopefully he will be ready to start full time (well 3 days a week 8am-6pm). (When I picked Kit up, another little boy was leaving and pointed at Kit and said to his Mum 'that boy is nice', made me smile, hopefully he'll have a friend there.)

To make everything more challenging, and to explain why I haven't done any of the posts that I was due to this week, I've been feeling fairly rubbish. I'm still a walking snot-factory, and despite having jets of water blasted into my ears, I still can't hear out of one of them.

Oh and Kit has also removed the skin from the tip of his nose having fallen off a trampoline at his childminders.

We are a disaster-zone this week. Looking forward to a new week, hopefully it will be luckier, and I have lots of posts to catch up on.

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  1. What a week you had. Hope things are on the improve this week for you both. Can't be as bad as last week ;-) Happy Easter!



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