Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Magic Beans

Our flat has turned into a greenhouse at the moment. Every windowsill is full of seedlings and I even moved a table to closer to the window so I could fit a bigger propogator on it. We have a lot of tomato and cucumber seedlings, I'm not doing so well on starting my beans. We'll get some of them started later and some will go straight in the allotment without being molly-coddled in the flat first.

I did want to have a bit of fun with some of the beans though, so me and Kit are doing a bit of science on the windowsill too. We've planted some of our broad bean and early runner beans on kitchen roll in jam jars. I did this when Kit was 1, just to see if it actually would work, I didn't learn much because we've managed to over-crowd the jam jars a bit too much, whoops. The runner beans are doing really well though (the broad beans, not so much!).

I think we'll be moving some more of the bigger seedlings to the allotment shed window at the weekend to make some room to start some more bits off. Need to get our potatoes in the ground too.

1 comment:

  1. I'm planning on planting some seeds this week. You've reminded me of the beans that we used to grow at school, I used to love doing them. Might have to get some of those too, I think that Harry would be fascinated!



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