Friday, 1 November 2013

We disappered again... sorry

We've been busy doing nothing...

Kit was in hospital for a planned operation, one we have been waiting for a long time for him to have. He is pretty much all recovered from it now and enjoying being tonsil and adenoid-free and able to sleep all night without waking up to choke on them. (Although he now sounds like he's inhaled a helium balloon).

Since then we've been on house arrest as he wasn't allowed out for fear of further infections (he left the hospital with one already). And I had meant to blog in the evenings to let you see our Halloween preperations, and to catch you up on our summer, but I was very tired at doing nothing, and I had some uni work to do. Now, I should be reading Little Women for uni too, but I'm going to schedule some posts to catch up and I will get my blogging mojo back. I will definitely be back because I want to tell you all about the zombie flashmob that is supposed to be happening in Worthing tomorrow!

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