Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Zombie Invasion of Worthing

Yesterday Zombies invaded Worthing. Raising money for the Maybridge Keystone Centre (a local youth centre) Zombies of all shape and size paraded around the town centre and culminated on South Street to partake in a flash mob to Thriller. Kit was excited to see one of his friends (now a zombie clown) in the parade, especially as he hasn't seen her for two weeks. He was a bit scared of a few of the others though, and had said that he didn't want to be a zombie so we weren't joining in the parade.

Reports have been coming in that the zombies continued to invade into the evening, and that some of those were less friendly than the ones that we saw in the flash mob. Thankfully by this time we were both tucked up in bed. 


  1. Can't believe I missed this! Have shared on Twitter under my alter ego @worthingmums

  2. Awesome! I've always wanted to do this or at least going along to one.I'll hae to see if there's one in my local area for next year.



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