Friday, 8 November 2013

Pasta and Beads

While we were stuck inside, apart from watching a lot of TV and preparing for Halloween, I tried to find a few things that Kit could do to entertain him for a little while to settle him - I'm not sure who was more stir-crazy by the end of the day, but he would show his boredom by going wild while I showed mine by struggling to stay awake. We did a lot more Elmer elephants, started on our Christmas preparations, baked cookies, and played with spaghetti and beads.

When I first set it up I told Kit it was a hedgehog and it needed feeding beads on it's spikes. Since then Kit has moulded the playdoh and put the spaghetti on how he wants to.

When Kit was younger I used to always take pipecleaners and beads out on train journeys to entertain him and he has these out at home, with free access and often makes bracelets and necklaces with the  pipecleaners and beads. The spaghetti and playdoh was a new way for him to use his beads, and he is engrossed in the actvity. It's also taught him a bit about balance as he had some disasters where he concentrated too much on one stick of spaghetti and the whole thing fell over. 

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