Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Conkers and spiderwebs

When we were at the Weald and Downland Museum we came across a Horse Chesnut tree with a large amount of children underneath it. They were all collecting conkers and we joined them in collecting our stash.

We're yet to have a conker battle, although we will. Some are making there way to Kit's school for their autumn table, and many have been used for making autumn decorations for our flat. Mainly we've been making conker spiderwebs, and teaching anyone who comes to visit us to do the same. I saw the idea on Emma Bradshaw's blog here if you want to know how. They look lovely hanging in the window, and Kit really enjoyed winding the wool, although he needed help.


  1. They look fab! Will have to try this - Blake is Spider-Man obsessed and by default loves spiders and webs!

  2. Thanks for sharing Emma's lovely idea with us all, your gorgeous photos more than do it justice!



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