Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tesco's Naturally Powered Review (Mumsnet Review)

Having a small messy boy my laundry basket is constantly full of paint-splattered, muddy, food and drink spilled and generally grubby clothes. I try to use 'green' cleaning products where I can and I always wash at 30 (even reusable nappies - pre-soaked first). Kit also has eczema and so he has had reactions to washing powders before. Consequently I'm always looking to find a 'green' product that actually works at 30 and won't irritate Kit's skin. I was very happy to have the opportunity to review Tesco's new 'Naturally Powered' range.

Unfortunately I wasn't so happy after I'd used some. The Naturally Powered concentrated non-bio laundry powder claimed 'brilliant results at 15', well I wasn't that mean, and I gave it a chance at 30 as I'd normally wash. It smelt lovely (we're quite used to using mineral balls now and I miss that lovely smell that drying washing leaves). It was a shame that some of the clothes didn't really come out looking much cleaner than they had gone in. Most of the mud was washed off, but the washable paint hadn't come out, there were still a few food stains and the more ground in dirt (mainly sand-pit grubbiness) had not shifted. I wasn't hugely surprised about the ground-in dirt or some of the food stains, we always struggle with tomato stains, but washable paint. Any mum with a young (or older) child will know that a washing powder needs to be able to take on washable paint. On the positive note, the powder hasn't irritated Kit's skin. So if you are willing to up the heat I'm sure that it would perform better, smell nice and be kind to your skin.

I was also sent some Naturally Powered Anti-Bacterial Multi Surface Spray which is always useful for spills and general cleaning. Apart from being a bit watery it did the job nicely on fresh spills, it was less affective on dried in muck. As a general surface spray to keep the surfaces hygenic it works well, but for heavier cleaning in the bathroom or with dried on food it doesn't soften it up so easily.

I did like the packaging for both products, as they laundry powder was completely cardboard, including the measuring cup, so could be recycled. And the Multi Surface Spray was recycled plastic and could also be further recycled. It's a shame the products don't work as well as I had hoped.

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