Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Small pleasures

The highlights of my day
Freshly baked bread.
Fresh coffee.

Charity shop finds (9 balls of cotton/linen mix wool for £4 - glass spaghetti jar £1)

Sowing beetroot, spinach and rocket seeds.
Picking rhubarb (currently resting in sugar to be made into rhubarb and ginger jam).

Lots of Kit cuddles.

Cheats home(ish)made pizza.

The highlights of Kit's day
Freshly baked bread.

The Disney Store and getting a Toy Story cuddly Jesse dolly (which he earnt from his first ever sticker chart)
Charity shop finds (two Noddy jigsaws for 75p, Miffy's Bicycle book 30p)

Jumping on the trampoline.
Lying on the trampoline.
Baking felt cakes in an oven on the trampoline.
Watering weeds.

Watching Fraggle Rock.

Eating pizza.

Bedtime stories.

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