Tuesday, 8 May 2012


After finishing the quilt I've been a bit more motivated to do some sewing. I've made Kit a gruffalo costume for his birthday (I'll share once he gets in at the end of June), but after I'd finished that I still wanted to make something else. Kit has a Superman raincoat and (having been wearing it a lot at the moment) is quite excited by being a superhero. He has also be requesting The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man almost as frequently as The Gruffalo for one of his bedtime stories for a few weeks. So I made him a superhero costume.

And for all of you who ever wonder what superheroes eat for breakfast...

Of course I asked him who he would save today. His response -

'Superheroes don't save people, I'm not a policeman'

- silly me, obviously superman and spiderman are members of the policeforce!

And after breakfast...

...well they turn into pirates obviously!

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