Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Mayor of London Presents (St George's Day)

Given that today is the Mayoral elections here in London, I thought I'd post my late post about the current Mayor's St George's Day celebrations that we attended a few weeks ago. This isn't a political statement, I'm pretty certain that Bo-Jo had no part himself in organising these festivities, I'm sure the team would have done similar whoever was Mayor, but today is the day to choose the next one.

It was raining slightly most of the Saturday before St George's Day, when this took place. It didn't dampen the atmosphere too much though (see what I did there - I think that's a sign I shouldn't write posts late at night). The 'Mayor of Londor Presents' had transformed Trafalgar Square into an English Garden, celebrating all things English. We liked the Kentish apples (that and the plastic birds inhabiting the fountains). They had people performing on a stage by the lions, which Kit loved, he kept asking to go watch the music and he actually sat down to watch it. He was too young to join in with the origami or flower-arranging, but we had fun anyway.

There were some greenhouses and beds manned by the charity Capital Growth who work with communities to use space to grow food in London. They do great work including running workshops to train people to grow their own and to pass on their skills. If you are in or around London check them out.

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