Sunday, 29 January 2012

Why I hate paying someone to cut hair!

Since Kit stopped being able to see past his fringe, I've been cutting his hair. I did it in the bath and just randomly grabbed chunks and chopped. I did the fringe in one snip so that is was (generally) the same length. The back was curly so it wasn't so relevant if it was the same length, I just concentrated on getting rid of the crinkly, fuzzy hair, and keeping it short enough that it didn't constantly get tangled. A little while back something dreadful happened. The back of Kit's hair ceased to be curly. His ringlets flattened and all of a sudden I was faced with a mass of unevenly cut hair which I had no idea how to deal with. The last time I cut it, it really did look like I had done it with a bowl stuck over his head. Hairdressing confidence blown I caved in and this weekend Kit had his first trip to the barbers.

Now I have a long-rooted hate of hairdressers (I've obviously never encountered a barber previously to have known if this was extended their way, although I'm not a fan of Sweeney Todd!). Whenever I go to the hairdressers (which isn't very often) I always ask them to keep as much of the length as possible. I always come out with practically a bob! It seems that something is lost in translation. It seems that something also applies to barbers.

I took Kit to the barber and I said 'Keep it fairly long, I just want it tidied up a bit'. This is what happened.


Now I'm not distraught. It's hair, it will grow back. He doesn't care (although he is a bit chilly!). My main problem (despite the fact it is so clearly not what I asked for) is that Kit has a double crown. Now he has a pretty much bald patch on the back of his head, and this interesting quiff...

Now the only reason I didn't cut it myself was because I was scared I'd do something that would make it look bad, instead I paid someone else £9 to do that for me (and yes they charged me £9!!). There's a reason that I wanted to keep it quite long! At least I won't have to cut his hair for a while!


  1. Oh dear I know how you feel they did the same with my little mites curly locks just chopped them right off ... was not a happy mummy

  2. £9?! Blooming heck! I have yet to take my two to the hairdressers and have done it myself. Edith's is wavy/curly so can get away with cutting length ocassionally. Alban's is thickening up and straighter so just snip at the fringe and round ears! I love floppy, messy hair on boys. Kit looks lovely btw but the barber clearly wasn't listening to you!

  3. I keep cutting my kids hair. One of them has curly hair and I seem to be doing an ok job, but I have given my poor younger son who has straight hair a really bad haircut! It isn't bothering me though as he is only 1, he doesn't care and hopefully by the time he does, my hairdressing skills will have improved! BTW I agree with the above comment about Kit's hair!



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