Monday, 30 January 2012


So we're in a bit of a sleep rut at the moment. My evenings now consist of taking Kit to bed, about every 15 minutes! Eventually once he has settled for a bit longer it is generally time for me to go to bed, or often past that stage as all the tasks I previously did in the evenings (like writing blog posts) are taking a lot longer. About 10 minutes after I get into bed, around the time when I am just about falling asleep, there is a rustle next to me and a small child (often accompanied by a large quantity of soft and sometimes hard toys) slides in next to me.

I don't mind my late night visitor. To be honest he is a pretty good hot water bottle, although a real hot water bottle wouldn't push you over so far that you are nearly falling down the gap between the bed and the wall. I do mind the loss of my evenings. From 7pm - 10pm was previously my time, it is the only time I get. I started the next module on my OU course this weekend, I'll definitely need some of that time. My problem is I think he is waking up because he is waiting for me to go to bed, so I see my choice as I put him to bed in my bed (not something I really want to encourage) or I stop letting him get in my bed (but that would involve several sleepless nights keeping taking him back to his bed every 15 mins - and I'm really not even confident that would stop him). I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, I'm already exhausted, I don't think that I could out-wake my toddler to get him to stay in his bed and asleep anyway! Do they sell toddler sleeping tablets?!

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  1. You have got a brilliant blog! Great post too! Very inspired! You're pretty impressive! Looking forward to more posts and have a great week!!! :-) :-) :-)



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