Saturday, 21 January 2012

Extreme Knitting

Being an impatient person I love crafts which you can finish in an evening or two. When we were at the Knitting and Stitching Show a few years back we saw a lady who was doing 'extreme knitting' with giant knitting needle, I loved the idea. My lovely Mum bought me some giant knitting needles last year from this lovely lady. I've been desperate to use them. I've collected up lots of reels of machine knitting wool from charity shops ready (I think my Mum said she recommended at least 12 more like 24 strands - that's a lot of wool!).

I gathered enough wool, but then I had no space to knit! Now I've cleared some space I thought that I would have my first attempt. Being that I hadn't tried it before I wasn't sure how many stitches I would need, or how it would turn out, I picked a bunch of 12 reels and cast on 15 stitches and I knitted.

It worked out that 15 stitches was a good width for a placemat so I kept knitting until I had a good length and then I cast off. Now I have a lovely new placemat for my dining table.

I'm going to do a much larger version with some more strands as a rug for the lounge, I just have to choose the colours. Maybe I should make myself some dinner first though!


  1. That's a great idea. I love to knit things that 'don't have to fit' i.e. I can never get the measurements right for clothes, but a placemat sound good :)

  2. I saw these in the V&A shop before Christmas and thought they looked fun! Can't wait to see the rug!

  3. Absolutely brilliant looks great, looking forward to seeing the rug. There is nothing like the feeling of completing a craft projet and this quick large knitting looks like it could get addictive.



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