Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy New Year (a little bit late, sorry).

I've been on a bit longer blog holiday than I had originally intended. I've been distracted trying to reorganise my flat to make it bigger. My attempts to walk through the backs of wardrobes have been unsuccessful (apparently no magical worlds exist in this area) so I'm having to resort to figuring out how to rearrange furniture and de-cluttering to create better use of what little space there is! I'm on a bit of a mission so I'm afraid my online time is suffering until I've finished.
We had a nice Christmas, Kit was ill from Christmas Eve onwards, although he held it together to play on his balance bike along the beach on Christmas morning, he didn't eat much of the Christmas feasts and he was well and truely sick by boxing day. Horrid as it was to have a poorly little boy while he should have been playing it was nice to have lots of cuddles and it did give me a chance to have a rest so hopefully I'm starting this year slightly less worn out than I ended the last. We were spoilt staying at my parents and Kit got lots of presents, so part of the flat makeover has included putting up a shelf in his room!

I think because he wasn't feeling very well at actual Christmas Kit is still celebrating the festivities. If you meet him in the street he'll wish you Merry Christmas, or sing you Jingle Bells. He could have Christmas 'all day long' everyday.

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