Friday, 20 January 2012

There's no place like home.

I'm back.

So I've pretty much done it. I'm on the search for a secondhand dresser for my lounge so I have a horrid little area where there is a pile of things that would be hiding in my dressers drawers, I could also do with organising some of my craft supplies a bit, but apart from that everything is rearranged and de-cluttered. I've even added another room! :)

I thought, to make up for the lack of posts in so far this year I would share with you some of the favourite bit of my newly arranged flat. Despite the de-cluttering it is still fairly cluttered! Small space + hoarder = mess!!


1. Hallway from lounge door (I added lots of hooks and a coat hanger, so that bags and coats have a home too).
2. Shoe and welly rack, so the muddy wellies no longer live in the bathroom and I know where Kit's shoes are in the morning! The blue box is now a bench to a table next to in, nestled into an alcove opposite the front door which is now our 'dining room' (also to be used as a sewing table!).
3. New kitchen cupboard on wheels. We have a very small kitchen and cupboard space and worksurface was somewhat lacking. Now we have some more space and it is much nicer to cook in.
4. I put a battery in one of the clocks. The picture in the frame is of my late Nan.
5. Suitcases, one given kindly by a family friend, the other two skipped! These contain my machine knitting wool collection, which I'll explain in a post next week.
6. My lovely thrifted red chair (which did have a pile of random stuff on it) and part of my wool collection!
7. View of my sewing machine and Banksy print in the mirror, there still isn't room to sew in my bedroom but the sewing machines like to be near the material stash!
8. Buttons. And a thrifted dolls house shelf full of charity shop find crafty bits.
9. All my craft magazines and books, and some other magazines.

And this is Kit's favourite new part.

A small peak at his new arts and craft area in the lounge, now that his little table isn't the dining room table anymore he has it all for drawing and painting and generally making a mess.

So there you go, a glimpse into the home of Kit and I are making. There are still lots of things, decoratively, I'd like to do, but furniture arranging-wise we are pretty sorted. I will save the tour of Kit's room for another day as there are a few bits I want to make to finish decorating it first.

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  1. Good to see you back! I think that your flat is looking lovely. You have some really nice homely touches, I like the quotations and Kit's arts and craft area is fab!



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