Thursday, 7 March 2013

Where are you deer?

We spent a day at Knole Park. It's a bit hard to miss the deer there (they are normally in the car park!) but we still used it as an opportunity to track them. We tried to follow their hoof-prints but were firstly distracted by some horses prints, which led us to a wooden whale (which if you look really closely at Kit's face he ran scared from). When we did get back on the right track (see what I did there, sorry) we had a mass of choices of directions to go. Thankfully all roads led to deer so we did find some.

I have printed out some animal track montessori nomenclature cards but I doubt we'll encounter any mountain lions here, so I'm planning on trying to make my own with the local wildlife, but we did look at the bird, deer and bear ones (because I thought that might help later on our many bear hunts). Next time we do this I'm going to take the BBC animal tracks field guide with us (I'm only saying that one because it's free and I don't know of anymore, if you do let me know). That way we can see if we can find any other tracks, and identify poo, which (lets face it) is top of every small boys interest list!

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