Friday, 8 March 2013

In search of a twisted tree.

Despite my getting very lost on the way (I'm no good at driving and navigating at the same time) we spent most of the time we were at Ightham Mote map-reading. Kit has because very keen on the children's maps you can get at most of the National Trust properties. They are really brilliant and guide you via landmarks (like the wooden whale I mentioned yesterday). As we walk around Kit keeps asking to find where we are on the map, and it means that he can plan where he wants to go. I've found it great because it slows him down. Kit is generally a flight risk, he runs and runs and runs and runs, and never looks back to check that I'm anywhere in sight, it keeps me fit but it's nice to have something to focus him so that he doesn't just run all the time with me in chase. Generally though, it's a great start to map-reading. I want to do some geo-caching with him soon so this is a great start for preparing him for that.

We searched for the 'twisted tree', which happened to be at the furthest end of the grounds so we got a chance to find all the other landmarks upon the way.

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