Monday, 11 March 2013

Booth Museum of Natural History

A much more managable in one visit museum than our usual haunt of the Natural History Museum in London, we checked out the Booth Museum in Hove when we were visiting my parents recently. I remember going as a child, but couldn't remember much about it - I don't think I was taken with taxidermy enough to want to go when I was older. I was keen to take Kit though because he isn't quite at a stage where he doesn't scare wildlife off by shouting at it, or running up to it, so really stuffed wildlife is the only way he can see things for more than a few seconds (unless the live animals are tame and used to boisterous pre-schoolers). We chose the wrong time to go, because we went swimming and had lunch before and Kit was hyper trying to keep himself awake. He just ran most of the time, barely looking at the animals but was impressed by what he did look at. I am definitely going to take him back because he is really into birds at the moment and they had lots of birds which he might be able to see better than the ones he is scaring off in the wild.

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