Thursday, 28 June 2012

Party Bags (eco-friendly'ish')

This was the first time Kit has had a proper party for his birthday, so it was also the first time I'd considered party bags. He has received quite a few, the contents has ranged greatly. It's all about the cake really isn't it. I didn't feel that pressured as to what we put in, but at the same time I didn't want to go and buy a bunch of cheap plastic items and sweets, because that isn't who I am. We shared party bags with the other family so all the kids got the same bag. My contribution to the contents (was probably the boring part!).

Re-cycled crayons

Cress-head kits (cress seeds, cotton wool, googly eyes, instructions)

Knitted chickens

I also printed off some of the fold up cars to colour in, and some stickers.

What do all of you guys put in party bags?


  1. Lovely party bag things, and happy belated birthday to Kit! We've only just entered the world of party bags, I only made up a couple last year for my sister's girls, I just stuck sweeties, stickers and crayons in them! I love the idea of being more creative, I think that the cress heads are brilliant!

  2. Hi all,

    Thanks for a great blog. This bag is very important for your child’s birthday and the ritual of receiving gifts, and present is an exciting moment. A party bag is the perfect gift to illustrate the importance of the words ‘thank you’. It helps the secret of your beauty. Thanks once again!

  3. Great job with recycling the crayons! And you managed to make them still look pretty. :) These are nifty ideas on what to put in children’s party bags. I hope you also took a photo of the party bag. I’m curious what it looks like!

    Pearlie Mcilvaine



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