Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mosaic sticking

I bought some craft packs from The Pound Shop. They are awesome, mainly you get a bunch of offcuts of paper and random leftover pieces but you also get some of the non-offcut parts of the paper (if that makes sense). In one of the packs we got a bunch of cat shaped cards, some flower shapes, some sheets of handmade-looking paper and some squares of plain paper. The other also had some squares of paper, and had some card offcuts of various shapes, with some of the shapes not having been taken out (I have plans for these sheets I'll show once we've done it), a few envelopes, some felt deer, an embossed sheet of Christmas images and the leftovers of a sheet of sparkly foam letters, with some letters still attached. You also get a bag of beads and a piece of ribbon with them. Definitely worth the £1 and also I'm guessing, very eco-friendly, as they are essentially made of the cutting room floor waste.

As Kit is getting more mischevious everyday I struggle to keep him from destroying our flat getting bored, while I am trying to get ready or cooking the dinner, or anything really that doesn't involve me paying 100% of my attension to him. Sometimes he is great and plays on his own happily, but that is never when I actually need him too. I've been trying to think of easy things that he can do himself that are novel enough for him to engage with them, but that are safe for him to do unattended (safe for the flat as well as the child!). He likes sticking, but just randomly sticking stickers on paper can be a bit boring so I thought I'd make it a bit more focused and constructive.

I basically cut up the offcut leftovers of sparkly foam from the alphabet stickers and left them out with a colouring page and suggested he colour the picture with the stickers. I put it out ready and it kept him entertained for the 15 mins that I needed to get ready this morning. I'd also, unintentionally, left a cup by the set-up which he then spent another 5-mins tipping the leftover stickers from the plate to the cup and back. Now I just have to think of something for every other morning.

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