Thursday, 1 December 2011

I've probably said this before but I like to try to ensure that when I drag Kit to something that is ultimately for me, that I also take him somewhere he will enjoy for at least a short space of time. Of course there aren't many places that are fun for him that aren't fun for me too so it isn't exactly a sacrifice!

Anyhow, after we went to Craftacular, it seemed only fair that we popped over to the V&A Museum of Childhood so that he could have a play. They normally have events at the weekend, and this was no exception, we joined in with Mrs Santa's Craft Corner and Kit made a Rudolph puppet and a woolen cracker (sorry no photos). Nice to have a few Kit-made bits to add to our current homemade decoration pile, I know that there will be a lot more to join it soon.

We also had a quick run around (Kit's choice to run around not ours!) the current exhibition Magic Worlds which looked really interesting, and we will head back for a proper look before it closes. Kit was particularly taken with the Mad Hatters Tea Party (although slightly frustrated that the teapot was stuck to the table!).

He also enjoyed dressing up, but didn't stay in any outfit for long. I loved his Mad Hatter/Fairy combo though. My kid has style!

Mrs Santa's Craft Corner is running again this weekend coming, but even without the crafts it is a great place to visit with or without the kids. Easy to spend a whole day there, which we will hopefully have time to do soon, as they have changed some bits from the last time we went and it would be lovely to explore properly again.

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  1. The Museum of Childhood is amazing! Iris already has an amazing time there and she's not even 10 months yet! The Craftacular was great too but a wee bit too busy for my liking, I'm not so good with crowds x



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