Friday, 23 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Despite having tried to be organised, and planning to have all of the decorations ready for the 1st December, I've found myself on the eve of Christmas Eve and I still haven't done half of the crafts that I had planned.

Kit and I started a Christmas bauble (which is what I was intending on posting about) but he decided that he was more interested in building a Duplo house so it still lays abandoned half made. My mum stitched Kit a stocking last year and I intended to definitely decorate it this year, it is still blank! We haven't written many cards, don't be offended if you haven't received one, none have made it to a postbox! We did make a pompom and pipecleaner snowman though!

I think we've been so busy trying to get presents sorted, and getting prepared for festivities, that Christmas has crept up on me. It's only been tonight, while I've been eating my weight in chocolates and packing to travel to my parents tomorrow that it has hit me. Looking at all the decorations and a pile of presents wrapped and ready to be given, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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