Saturday, 5 January 2013


We dropped off the radar again, sorry about that. I'm finding it harder than I thought to get back into a blogging routine, but it will be part of my 'new year' resolve.

As I seem to be with everything at the moment I'm late with resolving to do anything, so I'm thinking about adopting the Chinese calender for starting any resolutions, afterall according to my research their new year is a Spring celebration of new life and in some ways I want to resolve to live a new life (well a new kind of life). So roll on February 10th and the year of the snake.

I'll still try to post a bit before then, but actually I'm trying to have an almighty clear-out of my flat at the moment, and life just seems to be throwing things to do my way so I'm not promising anything. In the mean time, here's a round up of our Christmas in photos, hope you all had a good one.

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