Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why I wish I was a bear...

Yesterday Kit prepared a box for one of his bears to hibernate in. A little late, but the bear didn't want to miss out on Christmas and New Year festivities. Apparently he's called Bob, I don't think he had a name before.

He offered to make me a den to hibernate in too, but we didn't have a big enough box. I'm pretty certain that he wouldn't have let me sleep the whole of winter anyhow, it's a rare occurance that he lets me sleep a whole night.

Earlier in the week we went to High Elms to check that all the other bears were still asleep. We only found a few bugs and a stick dinosaur awake.

We might have to discuss the needs of Ruby the hedgehog this weekend, who was given to him by Father Christmas, currently the poor thing is living in his Bilibo and gets spun around on a regular basis. I'm sure we can find a box suitable for her.


  1. Loved this - we have an invisible bear who lives with us. He is just called "baby bear". I am meant to clean his teeth but usually guess wrong as to where he is standing :-)

    1. I'm never very good at knowing what I am hiding from when imaginary monsters/dinosaurs/bears are in the flat, not helped by them changing form fairly quickly. I wish my imagination was still so vivid. :)



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