Monday, 12 November 2012

We're going on a bear hunt

Undeterred by the rain today we set off to one of our local country parks, High Elms. We were searching for Gruffalo's and bears, once we'd fuelled ourselves with beans on toast and cream tea. Kit even got to help the lady to hammer some of the post for a new weave fence that she was building in the nature trail behind the cafe. There are benefits of being a nosey three year old with a perchant for asking strangers what they are doing.

I think Kit thinks those glasses have super-powers. We didn't find a gruffalo or a bear, but we did find some imaginary foxes, owls and snakes. We went squelching through some mud, and climbing over tree stumps and sloshing through soggy leaves, casting spells on objects with stick wands and hiding under trees from the rain. We popped by the nearby garden centre on a detour to the way home to see the fish, and were greated by an animatronic reindeer and arctic fox. In case anyone is nearby and interested, Father Christmas arrives at Coolings on the 24th November at 11am, and it is free to see him arrive, I heard brilliant things about their grotto last year (which is an extension of the nature trail) and think we'll be going to visit him there at some point in December.

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  1. We've found that the Gruffalo often hides behind trees to try and jump out on us when we go walking in Gruffalo wood but he doesn't fool us - we always spot him :-)



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