Wednesday, 1 August 2012

National Trust: Ightham Mote

Carrying on from our National Trust exploring, it was Tudor day at Ightham Mote last Thursday, so we headed there to join in. It was a glorious day for lawn games and courtyard dancing. The house was beautiful and another jealousy-inducing vegetable patch. I need to hire a National Trust gardener. Kit enjoyed watching the dancing, and was quite put out that not all of the 'princesses' (as he called the dancers), were joining in for every dance.

One of the stewards in the house was very kind in letting Kit try out some of the chairs, as he was bemused with those with pinecones on (which he wasn't allowed to sit on). And he found a home of his own.

It was a bit too hot to dress up. I was impressed that the dancers could manage it in their thick costumes. But it's never to hot to try on some hats.

They have other events on over the holidays. I'll definitely keep an eye out next summer when Kit is a bit older, as my only disappointment was that the ladies who were providing crafting activities weren't keen on letting him join in, apparently assuming he wouldn't be able to stick googley eyes on as I don't think the other children at the table would have done their own cutting. Despite the disappointment of not being able to make a jester stick I think Kit had a fun time.

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