Monday, 6 August 2012

Magpie Monday - Car-booting

I'm a huge charity shop fan (as I may have mentioned a few times before). But I'm not a very good car-booter. I've only been to shop once at a car-boot sale alone (i.e. since I was a child). Reading about other peoples treasures I thought that I needed to try it out again, so we headed off to Tripes Farm nr Orpington this weekend.

Kit wasn't on his best behaviour, despite attempts to bribe him with the offer of ice-cream for breakfast and the opportunity to get some toys or books, so I'm sure that I missed 90% of the bargains that I could have come away with. That was probably a good thing though as we are running out of room in the flat as it is. I did get two brilliant scores though. Firstly I managed to pick up the below ribbon lace and trimmings for £2 altogether. I have no idea how much is left on each of the cones but both the black and white thin ribbon originally had 250m, and I know the multi-coloured trim is 3m.

Secondly, I managed to get 12 Thompson and Morgan seed packets, all for different varieties of edible flowers for £5. That might not be the greatest price, because I'm guessing the seeds are out of date (they didn't have a date on them), but hopefully they will grow, but if I'd paid full-price for one it would have been £2.99 so if only two of the packets grow I've broken even! I've been so desperate to have an edible flower section in the allotment and had been struggling to find any variety of seeds so I'm stoked either way.

Kit did get an ice-cream, and then a trip out for egg on toast for brunch. He also came away with a pair of Converse (well worn but no holes) for £1.50, a Woody book (which has stuffed fabric arms and legs) for 50p, and a set of three Toy Story 49 piece jigsaws for £1.

I'm happy with what we came away with, I officially cannot haggle so I don't think I'd ever come away with huge bargains. We'll definitely be trying out another one before the season is over.
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  1. Oh I hate haggling too!!

    Great bargains. I LOVE the ribbon stash - I'd have bought them just for the spools!!

    Thanks for linking up x



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