Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Practical Skills: Making orange juice

We've had a plague on our house for the past week, as soon as Kit was well I was struck, which was a challenge as it was the first time for a very long time that I have been properly (in the struggling to even get out of bed sense) sick while having to look after Kit. He was actually quite good on the first day, after finding his own clothes and getting himself dressed he collected a magazine and some scissors he sat on the bed cutting out a Christmas scene (it was an old magazine!). I just about managed to pull myself together to drop him as pre-school and get home and sleep the whole day ready to pick him up at 4pm. Hopefully it won't happen again for a while, and by the time it is I might have managed to show him how to get his own breakfast too.

We have been working on skills in the kitchen a little bit. I've been gathering devices to make tasks a bit safer for Kit and I think he'll be cooking me three-course meals in no time. Maybe not, but he might have mastered a breakfast. At the weekend one of the first tasks we set to was squeezing oranges to make orange juice. It seemed an appropriate activity to try to boost our vitamin C and get us back on a healthy path.

I wasn't quite ready to trust Kit with a sharp knife so I cut the oranges in half for him so all he really had to do was use the juicer and pour the juice into the cup. I am planning on working on cutting with a knife with him so hopefully this is something that he will be able to do entirely by himself (with supervision) before long.

We were using blood oranges, if anyone is wondering about the colour of the juice.

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