Sunday, 10 February 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai

So I promised that we were starting our New Year resolutions at Chinese New Year this year so today is the first day for us. It's not looking entirely hopeful of the traditional New Year resolutions as the small child isn't very well and so we haven't left the house today, I haven't done anything particularly constructive (I did bake some cookies which is part of my plans) but I also drank at lunchtime (if a creme du menthe hot chocolate counts).

Tomorrow is another day right? We have big plans tomorrow, also not strictly following my New Year promises, but we'll be watching The Gruffalo's Child stage show (we went to The Gruffalo earlier in the year and Gruffalo-adoring Kit loved it), and spending the day with my parents.

So my resolutions for the New Year are in the form of promises to my son;
1. I promise to always tell you I love you, even when I might be telling you that I don't love what you are doing or have done.
2. I promise to do the things I say I will. I am going to make you a Tree-Fu Tom costume, an Octonauts hat and replace the pirate hat you lost with your Dad and all the other things I've said I'll do, it might take some time but I will do it as quickly as I can. I want you to know that you can rely on me to do what I say I will.
3. I promise to feed you fresh home-made food as much as I possibly can. I mean I'll bake a lot more than I have been recently and I'm going to use the slow-cooker a lot more, and remember to put the breadmaker on in the evening. I started really well when you were very little and I've been getting lazy, I'm going to stop using the cupboard-size kitchen as an excuse.
4. I promise to find us somewhere to live where you have your own space to run and play, to get you into a school that is good for you, not just good at hoop-jumping for Ofsted, where we can easily get to places that you will have fun, and where we can grow lots of yummy things to eat.
5. I promise I won't doubt my ability to be the best mother you could ever have. And when I think that I'm struggling I won't beat myself up for it but I'll do my best and ask for help to get us back on track.

So that's it. Tomorrow night I think I'll be making an Octonaut hat. I also promise to you guys that I will share what we are up to and what I do manage to make.


  1. What lovely resolutions, good luck with the Octonaut hat!

  2. Such heart-felt resolutions, they are really touching to read. I think also they are well thought out in that it's the small stuff that matters when you're a child, not the big gestures. And quite hard to maintain just because they take time and effort. I look forward to reading about your successes with them!



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