Monday, 24 September 2012

Halloween Outfit Review - Jokers' Masquerade

Ever since he asked to have his face painted as a witch at his birthday party Kit has been asking about halloween. He loves dressing up and the lovely people at Jokers' Masquerade offered us one of their halloween costumes to try out.

They have a huge range of both adult and child costumes (not just Halloween ones). We really struggled to pick an outfit, but in the end Kit tried out the Toddler Monster Halloween Costume which was basically a Frankenstein costume for 3-4year olds. I was really great and good value for money. The outfit consists of trousers, a vest, a jacket, Frankenstein hat/headmask and shoe covers. It's brilliant to be able to slip over clothes, or it makes a whole outfit on its own. It makes a really cute ensemble for your own little scary monster.

Kit has really enjoyed chasing me around the flat in it, and I'm sure that come Halloween he could scare all the neighbours into giving him treats!

Disclosure: We were given the outfit free of charge in return for an honest review. Opinions are our own.

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